Narrowly speaking, HeatChain is a blockchain project using distributed ledger technology, falling into the category of Consortium blockchain. That means colleges, research institutes, technology transformation enterprises, investments, supervisions provide computing platforms, including hardware and software environments, to form a distributed network. By tapping peer-to-peer communication, consensus, cryptography technologies to execute Smart Contract and record transactions together under a decentralized algorithm. A general-purpose token, called HFR, will be issued on such a blockchain for transaction fees and other financial activities. Any developers who are devoted in Quantum technology commercialization may publish their own smart contract on HeatChain.

By attracting a large range of parties related to the quantum technology industrialization, there are much broader senses to HeatChain, since its mission is to establish an ecosystem to combine innovation and business creation.

First, the largest proportion of general-purpose token of HeatChain, with code name of HFR, will be issued to support studies of colleges and research institutes. There’ll be Open Lab plan for experts from intersection of sciences to share sites, equipments, procedures, data, protocol to make joint research.

Second , the business development organizations and partners will set up a series of infrastructure platforms to facilitate the commercialization of these achievements, such as IP trading system, international technology cooperation and transition services, financing services, securitilized assets exchange, quantum e-­‐commerce, quantum commercialization media, etc. These platforms connect academia, engineering, business, consumers to speed up the applications of results generated from the first phase, especially for financing support.

So HeatChain is an experiment and innovation of “blockchain + quantum technology” among all possible sides of quantum technology industrialization. At its nascent days, quantum technology needs more financing supports from the entire society besides the limited funds from governments. Without wide awareness and participation from intersection of sciences, and use cases, the scientists of physics may find it difficult to illustrate the future technology development milestones.


The network and token business model of HeatChain doesn't belong to any single party or individuals. All the involving parties, including college, research institutes, industry, investment, should work together and share their resources and results, keeping exchanging matter and energy with the external environment and newcomers. The HeatChain boosts new level of coordination between academia and industry to move advances in quantum technologies from the laboratory to commercialization.

The mission of HeatChain is as follows:

Motivate intersection of science to cooperate for development of applications

Coordinate the research and industries to incubate new business

Facilitate public investment and strategies in quantum technology


Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale

Team Members

Ted Falong Huang

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William A. H. Kuo

Hui Lai

Haihua Yin

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Xiaoxuan Yu

Haila Wang, France

Wei Guo

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Xiaofeng Li

Consulting Board

Martin Vorbach, Germany

Kunlun Yao

Yu Wang

Shijie Li

Feng Yuan

Christophe Bavière, France

Ping Huang


May, 2015 ---→ The founders and core team entered the blockchain applications

March, 2016 ---→ The team realized that major developed nations were making manifesto or national development of quantum technology commercialization, and decided to combine block chain into the vision/mission/ecosystem planning.

July, 2016 --→The formal team kick-started the early research works including underlying technologies of blockchain, quantum technology progress, contacting leading experts related to research and business

April, 2018 ---→ Whitepaper of HeatChain was released.

May, 2018 ---→ HeatChain Foundation starts in Singapore.

October, 2018 ---→ S & T Achievements Transformation Service Platform will be launched.

December, 2018 ---→ The proprietary consortium block chain of HeatChain will go live.

HeatChain is actively carrying out a variety of quantum technology popularization activities around the world, scientific achievements exhibit, and so on.


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